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2003-01-27 | Rules

What would life be without rules?

The rules that I have here are mainly for aesthetic purposes. My intention is not to quash anyone's artistic expressions but to help the artist get their point across in a way that is pleasing to the eye and easy to read. You must follow the rules before posting anything. If you are unsure about anything here or would like to discuss a rule with me feel free to contact me at [email protected].

1) aBsoLUtelY nO wRItinG lIKe tHIs. Also there is absolutely no internet short hand allowed. Please have respect for the English language and use it properly so no one gets hurt. F I c ne rittin lik ths ur ntre wl b dleetd. Understand? It is very important to me that the entries are readable and the time taken to decipher what is being said detracts from the meaning of the words. Please understand that I have spent a lot of time designing this page. These rules are in place mainly because those things really bother me so I will not allow it.

2) All entries are anonymous unless you put a link back to your diary or home page. So if you donít want the world wide web to know it was you, no worries. But if you'd like to be given credit you may place a link at the end of your entry to your home page or diary. If you donít know how to do this just go here.

3) Only diaryland members can post to the page. Yeah, I know it sucks as I'm hoping to draw in more than just diaryland people. But if you happen upon here from somewhere other than diaryland the good news is it's free to sign up for your own online diary. And for many people and me having an online diary has helped a great deal. So if you're interested and would like to sign up just go here.

4) I've added a notify list to the site. So if you'd like to be notified of any changes on speak out submit your email address. I thought that would work better than for you to send me an address.

5) Lyrics and poems may only be posted once. I know it is highly probable that two people, or a dozen may want to post the same song for either similar or different reasons but we really only need to see the lyrics to Christina Auguilera's I'm OK once. The only exception to this rule is if you write an in depth explanation as to why the poem or song is important to you or what it reminds you of. Something kind of like this.

6) Give credit where credit is due. Do not post lyrics, poems or stories that are not your own work without giving credit to the artist. If you donít know who it is by, try to find out, if you still can't figure it out make sure you say that you are not the person who wrote it.

7) Content. Now this is a tricky one. Given the nature of the page there may very well be explicit content. I really leave this up to your judgment and ask only one thing of you. Please do not post anything with the sole intent to offend anyone. This kind of entry will be deleted immediately.

I believe I've covered all the bases here. You may want to bookmark the entry page so that you donít have to come back to this page every time you want to submit an entry. Also you must be logged into Diaryland in order to submit an entry or you'll just be directed to the log in page.

One more thing, you may also want to read this if your wondering about the user name and IP address message on the add an entry page.

Go on, make a difference and

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