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2003-07-07 | In My head, Since Then.

"He said you liked it".
"You shouldn't have let him do it, I mean, you should've known better, I mean, come on, this is bruce!"
"He needs my support right now"
"You're just being vengeful"
"He's a decent guy".
"He's a good friend".
"That's just his culture".
"That's just the way he is".
"It had nothing to do with what he wanted"
"We've gotten together and come up with our own theories".
"I can't relay that information".
"How do you know it was rape?"
"Are you having sex with him? What did his dick look like?"
"You emasculated him!"
"He's raping you in your mind everyday"
"He said you wanted it and consented to it"

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