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2014-06-26 | His Apology

I don't expect you to ever forgive me for what I did to you.
I know you're mad at me.
I don't deserve your forgiveness.
I heard you say no but I did it anyway.
You didn't want me, yet I forced you.
You were never interested in me and that's why I did it on Christmas day.
It was only for me.
I didn't care.
I was angry.
I was angry at you.
I thought you'd like it and want more, but I just went ahead and did it.
You will always hate me and never forgive me.
I said that already, but it's true.
I wished I hadn't done that.
If you want to tear up this note then I understand.
I had no right.
You didn't want it.
You didn't like it.
You didn't consent to it.
I understand why you hate me.
How I'm doing doesn't matter.
I hope you're doing better.
I don't think you're over it.
Let's hope we never meet each other again and that maybe someday you will forgive me.
I wouldn't forgive anyone who would do this to me either.
You were done wrong.
Sorry isn't enough but it's all I've got.
You didn't want any money.



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